Fastest pontoon boat in the world
Fastest pontoon boat in the world

Pontoons = fun in the sun and a laid back beer kind of right? Not if your Brad Rowland and you have a anything but redneck hankering for speed! With triple (yes 3) Mercury 300 hp motors hit hit an outstanding 114mph! This first clip shows an aerial view of the run






fastest pontoon in the world

This next clip shows what it is like to do 106mph in the boat!

Some background on this pontoon boat:

  • It is owned by Brad Rowland.
  • It really does go 114 miles per hour
  • It has triple Mercury Pro Max 300 HP engines
  • It screams on the water!
  • To see the inside of this pontoon boat and to get a feel of what it feels like going over 100MPH in this thing, check out this video to the left.




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