A few days before Christmas 2020, a mysterious haul was found floating in the ocean off the coast of Sugarloaf Key down in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located some distance from the southern coast of Florida. The Florida Keys are not a sandy beach. As a result, there’s alot of fishing on the coastline.

A local fisherman of the Florida Keys coast has reported recovering 74 pounds of cocaine. After discovering the drugs, he informed the Sheriff of the Monroe County office. He reportedly gave the information on December 23, 2020, one day prior to Christmas Eve.

The sheriff of Monroe County then handed over the cocaine to the United States Border Patrol. This handover was made owing to the reason that the drugs were discovered in the federal waters.

Cocaine Sugarloaf Key Florida

This cocaine was wrapped in more than 12 separate packages. The fisherman noticed the drugs floating about 15 miles south of the Sugarloaf Key, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

The concerned fisherman then notified one of the deputies of the sheriff of Monroe County, who was present on the marine patrol at that specific time which was about 1:54 p.m.

The washing ashore of drugs in and around the shoreline of Florida is not uncommon.

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Cocaine Sugarloaf Key Florida

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