BUY: Alien Facehugger Bong!

Okay, so we’re actually not sure where you can buy this.

All we know is that we want one.

This is a prop from the 2012 Alien movie Prometheus. If you know who is making these, hit us up!

BUY: Alien Facehugger Bong!
HR Giger
File photo dated 29 January 1995 shows Swiss artist H. R. Giger in his home in Zurich, Switzerland. Giger died on 12 May 2014 aged 74, according to Swiss media. He was a surrealist painter, sculptor, and set designer, and creator of Alien.


  1. The piece was a collaboration between Ryan “ Ghost “ Green and myself in 2012. It came up in my memories on Facebook today and I was curious to where it went . Ryan definitely gets most of the credit. He blew the glass. I’m an airbrush guy myself ( Damon Rowley ) who learned to paint studying a couple HR Giger books in the 90’s

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