Butts Flattening Cakes! (Photo by: Jo Duck)

Famous British fashion photographer Jo Duck unintentionally started it all with a video called “Cake Holes” that she filmed for her client Bompas and Parr.

Bompas and Parr are creators of fine English jellies and cakes and they hired Jo Duck to bring more attention to their brand. It worked!

Now, people everywhere are filming each other sitting on a variety of cakes with their naked butts! Fine assess sitting on fancy cakes!

Butts Flattening Cakes! (Photo by: Jo Duck)

We’ve even heard of house parties here in Detroit where everyone at the party forms a line and each person takes their turn sitting on a different cake, all the while one person films on their smartphone. Pretty wild!

If you and your fine ass are participating in the new trend, send us your name, location, pictures, videos of your butts flattening cakes to: cakes@jobbiecrew.com and we may do a future post on this new craze!

Butts Flattening Cakes! (Photo by: Jo Duck)

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