Augmented Reality Social Distancing

Thanks to Spoon & Tamago for this:

Augmented reality (AR), simply put, is an interactive experience where computer-generated images enhance real-world environments.

Japanese motion graphics artist Keisuke Terashima has utilized the technology to developed one of the more practical uses of AR that we’ve seen recently.

Terashima developed a script that you can download to your iphone, which creates a virtual ruler so that you can accurately visualize safe social distancing.

The ruler and its increments move with you so can constantly keep a safe distance between you and others when making essential trips to the supermarket or drugstore.

You’ll need an iPhone and the latest OS but to open the the ruler, paste this link into a Safari browser.

Then, tap the download button, followed by the icon on the top right corner.

Finally, tap the file and it should open.

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