Social networks have viralized a new technique to confront the great enemy of sex: routine.

The “Honey Penis” , the viral technique of quarantine, is named after the different users who are using natural amber-colored honey to achieve greater sexual satisfaction.

However, the procedure needs a brief instruction to be able to be carried out without complications and successfully. The main recommendation revolves around the raw material. Implementation specialists recommend the use of organic honey to increase the nutritional benefits.

Once the honey has been placed in a spoon, small amounts must be placed along the length and width of the erect penis.

L.A. photographer Blake Little covers random people he found via Craigslist in HONEY!

The viscosity of honey produces a change in the speed and intensity in the practice of oral sex, resulting in a completely different feeling than before.

Remember that honey also has exfoliating capabilities on the skin. Given the roughness of their matter, the crystals erode the surface where they move.

Gradually, older skin is removed as part of its natural cycle, and replaced by a new one of greater vitality and softness.

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Sex Honey

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