Audio Erotica Apps for Women!

According to research, when it comes to sexual arousal, traditionally, men are more visual (and well yes, juvenile), whereas women are affected more by their imagination.

Erotic audio books have proved popular with ladies and now women can listen to audio erotic phone apps and fantasize.

Audio Erotica Apps for Women!

Researchers used a Vaginal Photoplethysmograph to measure female physiological sexual arousal and they found that reading erotically realistic sex-related stories produced sexual arousal.

Imagination customizes the experience.

Audio Erotica Apps for Women!

Two of the top erotic audio apps are: Dipsea and Vibease.

Dipsea (based in San Francisco) charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Stories range 7-20 minutes, there’s 130 different stories. It’s a new form of sensorial storytelling, designed to set the mood and spark the imagination.

Vibease (also based in San Francisco) combines fantasy sex stories with a hands-free vibrator, which is designed to vibrate in sync with the pulsating erotic story line, as sexual arousal builds. It can also help couples to stay intimate through long distance remote control vibrator.



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