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What is 1st Mate ?
1st Mate is an intelligent hub, wearable device and mobile app providing safety alerts and boat security, including:
Man-overboard monitoring and alerts
Distress message capability
Theft-deterrent functionality

1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System utilizes wearable fobs for boat captain and up to 7passengers.

These wearables connect to a mobile device and ensure that if the captain falls overboard, the engine(s) will stop, an alarm will sound and alerts will be sent via the 1st Mate mobile app, thanks to direct integration with the vessel’s propulsion system.

Similarly, if a passenger falls overboard, the captain will be alerted and given the passenger’s GPS location via the app.
1st Mate system sounds the alarm on boaters going overboard

If a boat full of people is zipping across the water, it’s possible that one of them could fall overboard without anyone noticing … at least, not right away. The 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security system is designed to keep that from happening.

Manufactured by Mercury Marine, the system incorporates wristband fobs worn by the captain and up to seven passengers, a central hub that’s connected to the boat’s propulsion system, and a mobile app.

If any of the passengers fall overboard, their fob transmits a distress signal to the hub as soon as it’s immersed in the water. This in turn causes an alert to sound on both the hub and on all of the linked mobile devices, the latter also giving the GPS coordinates of the in-the-water passenger.

1st Mate system sounds the alarm on boaters going overboard

And should the captain fall overboard, not only will an alert be sounded, but the engine will also shut off. The app will additionally provide the passengers with instructions on how to restart the engine, then get to the captain’s location. If they can’t do so within a given amount of time, an alert will be transmitted to onshore emergency contacts.

1st Mate can also be set up as a theft deterrent system, in which the engine will remain locked until the captain’s fob is within close proximity to the hub – or until the app is used to unlock it.

The system is available now via the link below, with pricing for complete packages ranging up to US$999.99.

Buy: 1st Mate ($1,000)

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