The federal government has been conducting ‘mass panic’ situational research in the form of Zombie Uprising Ahead! this year.

Earlier this year, the research was conducted in Pennsylvania where a traffic sign was “hacked” to indicate zombies were near and feeding.

Then a few days after that, some 7,000 residents in Lake Worth, Florida were told that the power-outage they were experiencing was due to “extreme zombie activity.”

Rumor has it that The Walking Dead tv show was greenlit in 2010 to help make the general public feel more comfortable with zombies, in case of an actual real emergency, there would be less pandemonium.

The Boiling Frog Theory suggests that if people are gradually introduced to something sinister (ie: zombies), it’s not as apparent and shocking to them as it would be if it were suddenly introduced.

The U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Command (housed at The Pentagon) even has an actual Zombie Attack-Response Plan called ‘CONOP 8888‘.

Zombie survival strategies are real. What’s yours?

What does the government know about zombies that we don’t?

Stay tuned for more Zombie Preparedness drills this October in Detroit!

CONOP 8888