Yacht Week Croatia

Yacht Week is a genius concept that started in London in 2008.

Essentially, you pay $1200-$1600 per person to rent a yacht for the week. It comes with a Skipper and Hostesses.

Yacht Week

You can choose from a list of routes around the world. On your route, you will join an armada of 50+ yachts and party. Yeah, you’ll party hard. 

The most popular route is Croatia. 

Yacht Week

Pick a week between June 4th-September 3rd where you and your friends can cruise around the beautiful Croatian islands dotting the Adriatic Sea. The Island of Hvar is particularly gorgeous.

Exact routes are set two-weeks before your departure.

Yacht Week

Other countries you can journey to: Greece, Italy, Turkey, British Virgin Islands, Thailand.


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Yacht Week

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