Royal Cork Yacht Club (County Cork, Ireland) c. 1720

Whoooo! Yes, 1720! The world’s oldest yacht club, Royal Cork Yacht Club, was founded in 1720 in Crosshaven, County Cork, Ireland.


Located about three hours SW of the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC) has 1,600 members and is globally famous.

Yachting Celtic Lass

2020 will be their 300-year anniversary spectacular. If you have a yacht, a desire to hang out with beautiful women while drinking Guinness and Murphy’s Irish Stout by the barrel-full, then head the Celtic isles and visit a piece of history.

One of the many reasons to visit Ireland

Cork Harbor is the second largest harbor in the world. So come prepared, boyo.

Royal Cork Yacht Club homepage


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