Llama tux wedding

Thanks to Mlive for this:

An unexpected plus-one showed up at wedding recently in Cleveland, Ohio.

A llama. In a tuxedo.

The gag guest was the fulfillment of a 5-year-old promise Riva Weinstock’s younger brother made to her when she was incessantly talking about wedding planning despite not being engaged or even in a relationship at the time.

Llama tux wedding

Brother Mendl Weinstock became so annoyed with the topic that he blurted out the first thing that came to mind, promising to bring a llama if he had to attend her wedding.

Riva got engaged in October, the report said. Within an hour of giving her brother the news, she received a text notification that the llama rental was confirmed.

Despite the warning, photos show that Mendl Weinstock’s prank was not as comical to the bride as it has been to the Reddit community – more than 156,000 up votes – or the internet at large.

Llama tux wedding

The viral photo shows Riva giving Mendl and his rented llama a fierce side-eye outside the wedding venue while Mendl grins and the llama looks uninterested in their sibling drama.

The llama, Shockey, was dressed for the occasion in a custom tux that outdid Mendl who wore a suit and tie.

Shockey was rented for the event from a Cleveland-area farm for $400. The llama stayed outside the wedding venue to take photos with guests.

Llama tux wedding

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