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Hoverplane boat

In the world of Man that’s cool!!! how about we take one of these to Jobbie this year? No cost on a single one yet but we will keep looking!

t looks like a cross between a catamaran and a hovercraft, but these strange vehicles are actually new new type of aircraft developed in China. Two prototypes of the CYG-11 seaplane were tested this week over the sea off the coast of Haikou in Hainan Province in China. The aircraft is believed to be a joint project between Russia and China to build new types of super-efficient seaplane.

By placing the wings low on the fuselage of the aircraft, this effect is increased and the the result is an aircraft that essentially floats on a cushion of air. Engineers behind the CNY 5 billion (£500 million) project say the aircraft are capable of flying 62 miles (100 km) on 28 litres of fuel. With a maximum range of 930 miles (1,500 km), the aircraft can reach a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). The aircraft races over the wavetops at a height of between three to five metres (9-15 feet).

The CYG-11 aircraft, which have been developed by the Hainan Yingge Wing in Ground Effect Craft Manufacturing Company with Russian engineers, can carry 10 passengers plus two flight crew.The company claims to have just finished building a larger version of the aircraft capable of carrying 40 people, but it hopes to develop bigger aircraft capable of carrying between 55 and 120 passengers. [via DailyMail]

See the rest of the pictures below

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