California-based Orbital Assembly has announced the company will begin construction on Voyager Station in 2026 and the space hotel should be ready by 2027 to receive guests for “luxury vacations that are literally out of this world” as soon as the following year.

Reservations on Voyager Station are already available and a three-and-a-half-day stay will set space guests back as much as $5 million, according to Travel + Leisure. Modules are also available for purchase and lease.


Plans show the Voyager Station will be in the shape of a Ferris wheel to allow the hotel that’s 200 meters in diameter to be able to spin and artificially create varying levels of gravity via centrifugal force.

Voyager Station

The company will first build a docking hub for visiting spacecraft, followed by a truss, or the backbone of the hotel, containing spokes on which everything from a rail transport system to solar panels can be mounted.

The last part of the project will include what the company calls the “habitation ring” where a series of pressurized and interconnected multi-level modules will sit.

The property joins another space hotel currently in development: AxStation by Axiom Space.

Voyager Station

The Voyager can comfortably accommodate up to 280 guests who will be able to enjoy all the creature comforts normally found in luxury properties on Earth over 300 miles below, including a gym, bar, restaurant and entertainment complex.

The Voyager is to come equipped with 44 automated Emergency Return Vehicles, or ERVs, capable of autonomous landing.



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