Victa SubSea Craft

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Created in Petersfield, Hampshire, England, the 40-foot long Victa SubSea Craft travels across the water at 40 knots, then abruptly dives beneath the surface to explore the depths.

The six passengers and two crew are dressed in black scuba gear from head-to-toe, with diving masks and regulators in, poised for their mission.

After a mere two minutes, this stealth vessel—boat or submersible—is morphing from surface to sub-surface. It plummets down, the interior filling with water, until it’s 98-feet beneath the surface. The team inside, breathing through regulators, cruise at eight knots until their target is located.

Victa SubSea Craft

The rapid 2 minute transition between the two is enabled by a fly-by-wire control system, which delivers dynamic stability in all conditions.

The craft is made of carbon fiber with a Diab core.

Victa is currently in the final test stages, with sea trials expected to start in January 2021.

The project came about five years ago, with the meeting of minds of military veterans and underwater pilots. “It’s the most advanced craft of its type,” says CEO Scott Verney. “The two-minute transition time between surface and subsurface is groundbreaking. We’ve also mastered fly-by-wire sophistication to reduce pilot load.”

Victa SubSea Craft

The boat’s technology is impressive.

It has a multiplex controller designed around proven CAN technologies. Its command system, developed by SCISYS, monitors all systems inboard, while the helm console displays performance, diagnostic and crew-status at a glance.

The boat engine is a 725 hp Seatek diesel connected to Kamewa water jets.

The underwater engines are 20-kW electric engines that deliver a speed of 8 knots.

It has four thrusters that let it hover at depth.

Victa can travel under water for 25 miles. Its life-support system will provide four hours of air for eight divers.

Victa SubSea Craft

SubSea Craft is a privately-funded SME delivering Advanced Maritime Technology.

Their core product is VICTA, a Diver Delivery Unit – a surface craft designed to operate at speed over range and capable of transition beneath the surface to operate submerged, enabling the discreet delivery and recovery of divers.

It is a unique product focused primarily on the defense and security markets but with utility beyond that in the leisure sector.

Victa SubSea Craft ($9 million dollars)

Victa SubSea Craft
Victa SubSea Craft
Victa SubSea Craft

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