Vibes With The Tribes is an indigenous Anishinaabe music & cultural festival located in Waawiiyaatanong (aka Detroit).

Anishinaabe rapper SouFy, an Ojibwe from SW Detroit, is one of the main performers.

Hadassah GreenSky is an Anishinaabe artist. She grew up in Oxford, MI and is now an “indigenous futurist designer” in Detroit and co-founder of the event. She strives to use modern and ancestral knowledge to create visibility and equity for Native People, especially the urban native community.

Vibes with the Tribes (Southwest Detroit)

* Vendors include Beadwork, quillwork, Native Owned clothing, Pow wow food, local and national artists & businesses.

* Live Art Installations

* Drum groups + Dancers

* Live Performances

Host Drum: The Onion Creek Singers (Sag Chip)

Vibes with the Tribes (Southwest Detroit)

What:          Vibes with the Tribes

When:         Saturday, August 27, 2022

Where:        Clark Park (4132 Bagley st, Detroit, MI)

Time:          Noon – 10:00 p.m.

Cost:          $20.00




Vibes with the Tribes (Southwest Detroit)
Vibes with the Tribes (Southwest Detroit)
Hadassah GreenSky, co-founder of Vibes with the Tribes (Southwest Detroit)

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