USCG Marine Investigator

USCG Marine Investigators carry out all the statutorily mandated investigations of commercial vessel casualties and reports of violation that require a determination for apparent cause and culpability (fault).

The findings of Coast Guard Marine Casualty Investigations are used to create safety recommendations to prevent future marine casualties.

The Marine Investigator Officer provides expert advice and validated decisions to the Senior Marine Investigating Officer, Prevention Department Head, Captain of the Port (COTP), and Officer in Charge Marine Inspection (OCMI) on matters related to marine casualty investigations.

USCG Marine Investigator

The Coast Guard Investigative Service is a federal investigative and protective program established to carry out the Coast Guard’s internal and external criminal investigations.

It was created to assist in providing personal security services; to protect the welfare of Coast Guard people; to aid in preserving the internal integrity of the Coast Guard; and to support Coast Guard missions worldwide.

The service is a force of approximately 90 active duty military and civilian special agents and 150 special agents who are members of the Coast Guard Reserve.

USCG Marine Investigator

Applicants must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 level in the Federal service.


$87,327 – $113,529 a year


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Coast Guard Investigative Service agents transfer Doel Joel Ortiz Cirino, one of Puerto Rico’s Top Most Wanted criminals, from the Coast Guard Cutter Joseph Napier to local authorities at Coast Guard Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico, Thursday, May 3, 2018. Ortiz Cirino was wanted by local law enforcement for the 2017 murder of a 3-year-old female. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Ricardo Castrodad

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