The U.S. Navy Mortuary Branch within the Navy Casualty Assistance Division ensures prompt and uniform death benefits are provided to all Navy beneficiaries worldwide.

Included as beneficiaries are those missing/killed in previous conflicts such as Southeast Asia, Korea, WWII and Vietnam who have been recovered and identified.

In addition, the Navy Mortuary staff coordinates the Navy’s Burial-At-Sea program.

Navy Morticians (both military and civilian) are assigned to Navy Casualty with duty locations at BUPERS in Millington, TN, Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operation Center (AFMAO) @ Dover Port Mortuary at Dover AFB, DE and USMC Casualty Branch at Quantico, VA.

There are seven potential assignments for Navy morticians: Millington, Tenn., Quantico, Dover, Hawaii, Guam, Spain or Italy. Assignments are typically six years for a stateside assignment and three years for an overseas assignment. With just 15 positions, the competition for spots is fierce and there isn’t much turnover.

Active Duty/Activated Reserve Deaths

Morticians coordinate funeral preparations via the Navy Contracting Officers and Funeral Directors worldwide. Together, they negotiate funeral arrangements and contract charges in order to expedite the shipment of remains. Funeral contracts provide primary care benefits for deceased active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Active duty personnel are also entitled to secondary funeral expense reimbursements and transportation reimbursement when remains are moved from place of death to place of burial.

When the death of a dependent residing with an active duty member stationed OCONUS occurs, entitlements for preparation and transportation of remains are provided.  For dependents of active duty service members serving CONUS, only transportation of remains is provided.

Deceased retirees and their dependents are entitled to transportation only when they pass away in a military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF), such as National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, MD or Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA.

Civilian Employees
Civilian employees, who pass away while on official orders away from their normal duty station, are provided transportation of remains only.  ​


Become a Navy Mortician



Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea is a means of final disposition of remains that is performed on United States Navy vessels. The committal ceremony is performed while the ship is deployed. Therefore, family members are not allowed to be present. The commanding officer of the ship assigned to perform the ceremony will notify the family of the date, time, and longitude and latitude once the committal service has been completed. The average amount of time, for burial at sea, is 12 to 18 months, once the remains/cremains are received at the port of embarkation.

Eligibility: Individuals eligible for this program are: (1) active duty members of the uniformed services; (2) retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged. (3) U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command; and (4) dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services.

How to get started: After the death of the individual for whom the request for Burial at Sea is being made, the Person Authorized to Direct Disposition (PADD) should contact the Navy and Marine Corps Mortuary Affairs office at 1-866-787-0081 to request a packet and for additional information.

Supporting documents which must accompany this request are:

(1) a photocopy of the death certificate
(2) the burial transit permit or the cremation certificate
(3) a copy of the DD Form 214, discharge certificate, or retirement order.
The Burial at Sea Request Form and the three supporting documents listed above make up the Burial at Sea Request package.

Burial Flag: A Burial Flag is required for all committal services performed aboard United States Naval vessels, except family members, who are not authorized a burial flag. Following the services at sea, the flag that accompanied the cremains/remains will be returned to the PADD. If the PADD does not wish to send a burial flag for the service, a flag will be provided by the Navy for the committal service, but will not be sent to the PADD.

Cremated Remains (Cremains): Cremains must be in an  urn or temporary container (preferably Bio-degradable) to prevent spillage in shipping.  Recent changes in law prohibit the discharge of plastics at sea.  Families are encouraged to have the cremains inurned directly, or transferred to a sturdy biodegradable urn at their local funeral home to facilitate burial at sea.  Burial at Sea Coordinators at the ports of embarkation  are available to field any questions regarding the urns.  The cremains, along with the completed Burial at Sea Request package should be forwarded to the Burial at Sea Coordinator at the desired port of embarkation (listed below).  Prior to shipment, it is recommended that a phone call be made informing the coordinator of the pending request. ONLY Priority Mail Express Service is authorized when shipping cremains and it is recommended that that Tracking and Signature On Delivery is used to ensure the package is delivered to the correct individual in a timely manner.

Intact Remains (Casketed): Specific guidelines are required for the preparation of casketed remains. All expenses incurred in this process are the responsibility of the PADD, who will select a funeral home in the area of the port of embarkation. After this selection has been made and notification has been provided to the coordinator, the casketed remains, the request form, supporting documents, and the burial flag are to be forwarded to the receiving funeral home. The coordinator will make the inspection and complete the checklist for the preparation of casketed remains. It is recommended that funeral homes responsible for preparing and shipping intact remains contact the Mortuary Services office at Navy Casualty in Millington, TN to receive the preparation requirements.



Norfolk, VA Commander, Naval Medical Center
ATTN: Code 0210C
620 John Paul Jones Cir.
Portsmouth, VA 23708-5100
Phone: (757) 953-2617 or 2618
Jacksonville, FL Officer in Charge
Naval Hospital Branch Clinic
P. O. Box 280148
Naval Station
Mayport, FL 32228-0148
Phone: (904) 270-4285
San Diego, CA Commanding Officer
Naval Medical Center
Decedent Affairs Code: 09OA
San Diego, CA 92134-5000
(800) 290-7410
Bremerton, WA Commanding Officer
Naval Hospital Bremerton
Code 015-BAS/HPO1 Boone Road
Bremerton, WA 98312-1898
Phone: (360) 475-4777
Honolulu, HI Navy Liaison Unit
Tripler Army Medical Center
Tripler AMC, HI 96859-5000
Phone: 808-433-4709/(808) 577-7590


U.S. Navy Mortuary Branch

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