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Following the reveal of an eye-catching foiling e-yacht at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in May, boat builder Tyde has announced its second collaboration with BMW Designworks in the shape of “the largest hydrofoil luxury yacht for private individuals.”

All we have are renders at the moment, plus a few key specs. Named the Open, it’s expected to have a hull length of 48 ft (14.7 m), a 7.76-ft (2.36-m) beam and will sit 11.5 ft (3.5 m) above the waterline. That will make it a fair bit larger than Candela’s C-8 and the long-haul SpiritBARTech35EF.

As with the Icon before it, the electric day yacht will rise above the waves at take-off speed courtesy of active hydrofoils, with its two 100-kW motors promising a relatively quiet cruising speed of 25 knots (28.7 mph), and topping out at 30 knots (34.5 mph) – with zero fumes and little wake.

Tyde BMW Foiling Motoryacht (photo by Tyde)

The 11.5-ton luxury watercraft will also be home to a 400-kWh battery pack for up to 50 nautical miles at cruising speed, with the per-charge range at displacement speed still to be revealed. The batteries installed in the Icon vessel came from BMW’s i3 electric car, so we can perhaps assume something similar for the Open. The roof is also packed with photovoltaic cells for extended range potential.

The yacht will sport a two-seat helm that will likely host a digital platform featuring a large touch display, voice-activated controls, AI-based collision avoidance and infotainment. There’ll be a single cabin with big-screen TV and work desk, as well as a spacious sleeping area for two plus one fully equipped bathroom. Details on the meal prep area are still to come, but we do know that it will haul along 110 liters of fresh water. Passengers can also enjoy a double sunbed area at the stern and a relaxation zone on the foredeck.

Tyde BMW Foiling Motoryacht (photo by Tyde)

“With the Icon, we have shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on the water can be,” said MD and co-founder of Tyde, Christoph Ballin. “The continuation of the cooperation with BMW is now fueling the launch into another segment. The new model brings future-orientated mobility to the day yacht segment.”

The online configurator is live now, and production is due to start this month ahead of first deliveries to customers from Northern Hemisphere fall 2024.



Tyde BMW Foiling Motoryacht (photo by Tyde)

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