Turnip Rock Boat Tours (photo by TRBT)

Turnip Rock is a small geological formation in Michigan.

It is a turnip-shaped limestone stack.

Located in Lake Huron, in shallow water a few yards offshore, near the rock called the Thumbnail which is the extreme tip of Pointe Aux Barques, a small peninsula which is also the extreme tip of Michigan’s Thumb.

Turnip Rock has been severely undercut by wave action, so that its top has a significantly larger cross-section than its base.

Turnip Rock Boat Tours (photo by TRBT)

Turnip Rock can only be accessed via water, and there is no public road access. It’s about 7 miles off the coast of Port Austin.

Radical Marine offers awesome Turnip Rock Boat Tours. They are located on Bird Creek behind Pak’s Backyard (119 East Spring Street, Port Austin, MI).

Just do it.



Turnip Rock Boat Tours (photo by TRBT)



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