Rocky Marciano & Red Deutsch

The Tube Bar Recordings are some of the earliest and most legendary prank call tapes in history.

From 1975-1980, two guys, the Bum Bar Bastards (John Elmo & Jim Davidson) would call the Tube Bar in Jersey City, New Jersey to harass the owner, gruff ex-boxer, Louis “Red” Deutsch. His boxing nickname was “Red” because he made everyone bleed.

The Simpsons bartender Moe Szyslak is directly based on Red Deutsch, as are Bart’s prank calls.

Moe Szylak (inspired by Red Deutsch)

The Tube Bar was a tiny hole-in-the-wall spot with no barstools, there was standing room only and they would deliberately piss off Red and record the conversations.

They would ask for hilariously bogus fictitious names like Al Coholic, Mike Hunt, Ben Dover, etc and he would yell the names out aloud and ask the people in the bar.

After a while he would catch on and the swearing and threats would begin. He would say things like “I’ll cut your belly open and show you all the black stuff you got in there you motherf*ucking c*cksucker you!”

TheTube Bar (Jersey City, NJ)

This went on from 1975 until Red sold the bar in 1980, moved to Florida and died in 1983.

Red was a tough customer, born in Ukraine 1895, former heavyweight boxer.

At the bar, Red would frequently give mouthy customers a good thrashing and literally throw them out into the street after he got done pummeling them.

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