The hilariously bizarre ‘Beanie Baby Divorce’ of 1999!

Because dividing up Beanie Babies is how your settled an argument in the 90’s!

On November 5th, 1999, Frances & Harold Mountain were ordered by Judge Hardcastle to divide up their $5,000 Beanie Babies collection right on the floor of his Las Vegas courtroom.

Maple the Bear was the first to be claimed.

This happened because the couple could not agree on how to divide up the collection and he wanted to show them how to share.

Ty Warner

Beanie Babies were created in 1993 by Chicago eccentric, Ty Warner.

Their true heyday was from 1995-1998, when they were one of the main fads of the Nineties.

Beanie Babies mania helped the website Ebay become popular. Ebay was founded in 1995 and helped fuel the global Beanie Babies fad.

Princess the Bear

During the Great Beanie Babies Craze of 95-98, people everywhere were frenziedly accumulating the stuffed toys with the red heart tags, draining their nest eggs to acquire them and turning their homes into small warehouses of Beanies.

The man who invented them, Ty Warner, went to Kalamazoo College in Michigan and is currently worth $2.5 billion dollars.

He lives in a $15 million dollar 15,000-square foot home in ritzy Montecito, California, a suburb of Santa Barbara.

Red heart tag
Beanie Babies halloween costume
Mac the Cardinal
Detroit Tigers MLB Beanie Baby

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