Tentcraft geodesic dome tent

TentCraft, based in Traverse City, Michigan, sells event and trade show tents all across the USA.

Their newest offering is a cool Geodesic Tent. Primarily designed for events and outdoor experiences, it is a mobile, semi-permanent structure and far stronger than a mere pop-up tent.

A geodesic structure is a sphere-shaped structure constructed out of interconnecting lines rather than curved surfaces. It creates the largest volume of interior space while requiring the least amount of surface area—translating into material and cost savings. And the structure has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio and can withstand heavy winds.

Tentcraft geodesic dome tent

The dome is 314 square feet, 20 feet in diameter and requires only a quick 45-minute, tool-free setup.

Standing capacity is approximately 30-35 people without feeling too cluttered. With tables, chairs and counter extensions, capacity would be closer to 20-25.

The domed shape is eye-catching and offers plenty of custom printable surface area for logos and company names. Since the entire structure is built and fabricated in-house, adding custom printing will not impact turnaround time.

Tentcraft geodesic dome tent

It is designed to be easy to set up and able to be lifted and moved by just a handful of people. The first example measures 20 feet in diameter but the company eventually will produce them in various sizes.

The Geodesic dome tent can handle heavy wind, rain, and snow.

TentCraft’s dome design uses lightweight anodized aluminum poles, all identical in length, held together with steel brackets.

Tentcraft geodesic dome tent

You can also add Interior & Exterior Counter Extensions. Setup takes 30 seconds. They can attach to both inside and outside of the dome windows.

The dome cover can also be customized to include 5 perimeter windows. The windows are made of clear vinyl and open and close using a zipper system. When open, the windows roll up and secure just below the window opening.

Dome includes the frame, cover, staking system, rubber door threshold, and heavy duty transport wagon. The frame hardware includes a lifetime frame warranty.

Tentcraft geodesic dome tent

• Diameter: 20’
• Square Footage: 314 sq. ft
• Height: 12’ 2”
• Frame Weight: 140 lbs
• Overall Weight: 185 lbs
• Setup time: 45-60 min with 2-3 people
• Customization: Print, Windows, Doors
• 60% lighter than traditional domes
• 100% tool-free assembly
• Lifetime frame waranty
• Portable heavy-duty transport wagon
• Fewer people and less time for setup
• Entirely customizable dome cover

Every part of the dome is manufactured in Traverse City.


Buy: Tentcraft geodesic dome tent ($8,000)



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