One of the highest-rated, most beloved restaurants in the U.S. Virgin Islands has no official address and is best accessed by chartered boat, dinghy, or swimming.

The floating pizzeria, called Pizza Pi, is the Caribbean’s only “food truck boat,” specially fitted with a commercial kitchen that cranks out New York–style pizzas.

The restaurant takes orders by boat radio, phone, or email, but collecting your pie is a little harder, as the restaurant anchors in Christmas Cove, located off the east end of St. Thomas.

Pizza Pi is the whimsical invention of Sasha Bouis, an MIT-educated mechanical engineer turned boat captain, and Tara Bouis, a teacher turned award-winning yacht chef.

The American couple spent two years restoring an abandoned boat, adding a double-brick-lined pizza oven, hood ventilation, and solar panels.

Throughout the day, boats pull up to the floating pizzeria, tie up, and enjoy the freshly made pizza passed from the kitchen window.

The restaurant also offers delivery with their dinghy, which doubles as a small dining area when the occasional swimmer arrives.

In 2018, Sasha and Tara sold their pizza boat to new owners Heather and Brian Samelson. Both visitors and locals say the pizza is still top-notch.

Of course on Lake St Clair we have our version with Sorrento’s Pizza Boat on Lake St. Clair!

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