God we love America!

God Bless America!

But the 2016 United States Presidential Election has brought out the worst in a lot of people, including some of our dear friends that have just…gone…bat shit crazy!

Even amongst the Crew, there are passions on both sides and everyone thinks they are right and their candidate is the right person for the job.

Going forward, it is clear that no matter who wins, 50% of America is going to be pissed off. This bothers us on many fronts. Democracy can be a bitch but the alternatives are a lot worse. No one party is 100% right all of the time, it’s time we came together as a nation and support each other as one nation no matter who wins.

How nice would it be to see some positive news and not just the anger and hatred both sides of the isle spit out in deafening levels. How nice would it be to see our Congress come together for a change and do what’s right, and not just for the best financial interest of their lobbyists and party! How nice would it be to actually solve some issues!

I’ll never negotiate!

Anyone who has ever been married or had a significant other knows that everything in life is a negotiation! Why should it be any different with our government? There are 320 million points of view and only “One Nation.” Every view (whether you agree with or not) deserves to be heard. This is the whole foundation of freedom and democracy.

What has happened is that somehow both sides feel that if you negotiate with the other side you lost or have shown weakness. We call bullshit! I have been married 20 years and let me tell you, I have lost many times. That does not mean I have failed but just needed a better approach or the idea was not in the best interest of the family! Respect for each other is and should be the common goal no matter how you feel about the other person or idea. I guess Mom was right in saying treat others how you want to be treated. That will go a long way.

For an elected official to flat out say they are not going to do something because the other side put it forward is not only wrong, but you or I would be fired (This happens on both sides of the isle). Sorry boss, your idea is stupid so I am not going to go along with it. How long would that last? Yet we the people put up with that every day with our elected officials!

We understand that politics is politics, however, they were elected to get a job done and yes, that includes negotiation. Everyone deserves the right to have and hold their opinions! Just because it is different than yours does not mean they are any less American than you or it is wrong. Maybe if people work together instead of trying to tear down the other side more could and would get done and the reality TV show we call ‘politics’ might be easier to watch (albeit less entertaining).

The debt of this country is a huge issue and is the fault of Congress period!

The debt should be the #1 issue

While everyone blames the president for the budget (This goes back to Bush as well so we are not playing favorites) the fact is the Congress controls the budget period. Everyone should be mad as hell about the deficit this country has run up.

As of this post, it is up to $60,681 per man, women and child in this country. This is a fucking scary number that our kids are going to inherit and will have to pay! While the president might have some say in spending, the bottom line is that Congress sets and controls the budget. If you want to get pissed at someone, take it out on your congressman and ask what they are doing about the debt? Odds are they will have some BS answer or blame the other party. The bottom line is vote this fall and hold their feet to the fire.

This should be a top priority to fix and not just kick the can down the road as they have for the last 15 years. It truly amazes us that Congress has a 11% approval rating (as of 2015) and yet us sheep keep re-electing the same people! What would happen if you had an 11% approval rating on your performance review at work? How long would you be employed. These politicians are employed by us!

We are not going to self-destruct tomorrow no matter what anyone says

No matter what you hear on TV, unless a comet or meteorite is going to hit us in the next couple of days, the world and country are not going to self destruct/end come January, whoever wins!

It’s human nature to see the worst in everything  but if all you do is see the worst, then you never see the best in everything and there is good in everything! no matter how bad it seems! you just have to open your eyes!

We live in the greatest country in the world. We are free, can say what we want, practice any religion we want and are free to read and write anything we want. Now with that being said, Free Speech does come with some responsibility.

If you spout some racist shit at an NAACP rally, you should expect to get punched in the mouth. Does it mean your rights were violated? No, (well maybe assault) there are consequences for what you say and do. It is awesome that people are rallying behind their candidate this year no matter what side you are on. Maybe more people will come out and do your civic duty and vote!

We have seen lifelong friends part way over who the other guy was voting for. That my friend, is bullshit. Everyone has a right to their views and opinions. That is the true foundation of a democracy! Everyone must respect that whether you agree with them or not. To lose a friendship based on what someone thinks and believes is crazy.

Don’t see the worst in everything,  try to look for the best in everything. It makes life a whole lot more enjoyable!

As soon as you realize most politicians don’t give a shit about you, it gets easier!

  • The first job of a politician is to get re-elected
  • The second job is to help those who got them elected
  • The third job is to make sure they don’t do anything that will hurt them or their re-election
  • Then you/us get what’s left over

Bottom line – Neither Clinton nor Trump give a fuck about you, me or most Americans. At this level of government or business, it is all about ego, period. To think that candidates really care about us as individuals, you are only fooling yourself. All they see is a vote.

If you haven’t served then you haven’t given

Some gave all

Respect is missing in this country. Common basic courtesies of people have been forgotten.

One man decided to protest something for what they believe in and 200 million armchair quarterbacks go fucking bat crazy! Last we checked, this is America and if you want to protest then you can. Some of us went to war for that right. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole and I agree with you but it is your right to protest!  That is one of the fundamental rights of this country.

Of the 318 million people in this country, only 22 million (as of 2011) are veterans. That means 7% have made the decision at one point to serve someone other than themselves. Maybe if more people took the time to serve others (peace corps, charity, etc, not just the military) than we would live in a better country and not one that pulls out a cell phone to video instead of helping when someone is in trouble.

The respect and treatment of our veterans in this country is deplorable. This is an issue on both sides of the aisle and both sides should be scorned.

Final Thoughts

Raft Off 2015 with the Jobbie crew

JobbieCrew.com was started to celebrate fun. Boating is fun! Boating is the great equalizer!

You can have a 2016 Sea Ray 51 Sundancer right next to a 1972 18′ Rinker tri hull and you know what?  We drink together, we talk, we laugh and for the most part, look out for each other out there. So, why is it that once we get back to land that respect stops?

Everyone has the right to their own views and opinions and while we might not agree with them, we will always respect them. You are all friends to us and everyone is welcome with us.

No matter what happens in January, Democracy works. Maybe if people would get behind each other instead of trying to tear them down this country could be a little better than it is now!

America is great. Try to see the good in people and things and you’ll find that life is a lot more enjoyable!

The Captain!

God Bless the USA!

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