Ruby May, 23, got sick of her admin job and turned to social media to make a living, starting a page on subscription site OnlyFans where she gets paid $9,000 a week posting sultry snaps for her paying followers, the Daily Star reports.

May’s journey started when she moved to Sydney, Australia at 18 where she bounced from job to job.

“I switched between about 10 jobs in the first year. I did admin for a cleaning company for six months,” she said.

Ruby May (Sydney, Australia)

“I hate it, but while I was there I started lingerie waitressing on the side. Serving drinks in underwear is a huge thing in Australia,” May revealed.

The money was too good to ignore according to May.

“I was working at bachelor parties and making so much more per hour than I did in the office job,” she said, adding, “Then I tried topless waitressing, quit my job, then started selling pics on OnlyFans, as it’s way more lucrative.”

Ruby May (Sydney, Australia)

People sign up for the site and pay a subscription fee to get access to x-rated subscriber-only photos and videos. Subscribers can also make requests of the people they follow.

“A guy once asked me to dress up as a cow,” May said of her weirdest request, adding it’s not all about sexy snaps.

“It’s important to me to keep my ethical values as a high priority and not get blinded by the money,” she said.

Ruby May instagram

Ruby May Onlyfans

Ruby May (Sydney, Australia)

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