Stoned Sheep in Greece

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A shepherd in Greece was recently surprised to find that his sheep were behaving oddly when he took them out to graze. He was even more surprised to find out why the sheep were behaving strangely: They had eaten nearly 600 pounds of marijuana.

As reported, the incident took place near the town of Almyros in Magnesia, which is part of the larger Thessaly region of Greece.

In early September, Thessaly had been struck by the deadly Storm Daniel, which caused devastating floods throughout the region and killed some 110,000 animals, according to Greek City Times.

Stoned Sheep in Greece

The flooding had also made it difficult for the sheep to find fresh grass to eat. The flock had been seeking food and shelter in the aftermath of the storm when they came across a greenhouse. It just so happened that this greenhouse cultivated medicinal marijuana, and so once the sheep “invaded,” they began feasting on the cannabis leaves.

Soon after, the sheep’s shepherd discovered his flock running around in a frenzy, shaking uncontrollably, and jumping to impressive heights not typical of sheep. The Jerusalem Post reports the shepherd took them to the vet and learned they were under the influence of marijuana.

For the greenhouse owner, however, the incident was just the latest in a series of unfortunate circumstances that have affected his harvest.

In early 2023, Greece inaugurated its first-ever medicinal cannabis production plant, and the industry has shown to be a major boon to farmers who were struggling economically.

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