Krystal 2014 Jobbie Girl

The crew is looking for you!

We know it is still cold out but summer will be here faster than you think! We have done a few interviews but are still looking for the right candidates! If you want to party with a fun crew and have VIP access to the hottest summer parties than this gig is for you!

Highlights include:

1- VIP access to the hottest parties of the summer and winter including Jobbie Nooner 2015 and Raft Off 2015
2- Custom bikini
3- Free Rum!
4- Star in the upcoming web series on Jobbie Nooner
5- Get to ride on the coolest ship on the water
6- Free Rum!
7- Free Uber car because of all the Rum
8- Get your own page on

We are looking for 3-4 girls who’s duties include:

1- Helping us at the events getting releases from everyone on the stage
2- Selling T-Shirts to pay for the rum
3- Be a web star with the
4- Show up and represent with the Jobbie Crew at different events/parties through out the year
5- Have fun

Must be 21

If you are interested in trying out please email us at or contact us below

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