Krystal 2014 Jobbie Girl
Krystal 2014 Jobbie Girl

The crew is looking for you!

We know it is still cold out but summer will be here faster than you think! We have done a few interviews but are still looking for the right candidates! If you want to party with a fun crew and have VIP access to the hottest summer parties than this gig is for you!

Highlights include:

1- VIP access to the hottest parties of the summer and winter including Jobbie Nooner 2015 and Raft Off 2015
2- Custom bikini
3- Free Rum!
4- Star in the upcoming web series on Jobbie Nooner
5- Get to ride on the coolest ship on the water
6- Free Rum!
7- Free Uber car because of all the Rum
8- Get your own page on

We are looking for 3-4 girls who’s duties include:

1- Helping us at the events getting releases from everyone on the stage
2- Selling T-Shirts to pay for the rum
3- Be a web star with the
4- Show up and represent with the Jobbie Crew at different events/parties through out the year
5- Have fun

Must be 21

If you are interested in trying out please email us at [email protected] or contact us below

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