City council member David Rubello fights to save old water tower

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ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. – Some people can’t imagine St. Clair Shores without the water tower that’s been there since the 1920’s — others are wondering why it’s still there.

The water tower is obsolete and tearing it down would be cheaper than maintaining it. If you drive through St. Clair Shores, the water tower is hard to miss.

At nearly 100 years old, it has seen some better days. Now, the city is trying to determine what to do with it.

The issue came up on city council’s agenda on Wednesday (Jan. 19, 2022). St. Clair Shores City Council member David Rubello finds the old water tower to be a bit nostalgic.

St. Clair Shores water tower

That water tower has been part of our community since before we were a city,” Rubello said.

The city council discussed demolishing the non-functioning tower. Rubello wants it to stay.

That landmark, as a boater, I can see that from the lake, OK? So, at times, I look from the lake — I look to see where I’m at,” Rubello said.

The water tower is no longer in use. Rust needs to be removed, a bit of repair, a fresh coat of paint, and likely some foundation work.

Rubello estimates the repairs to cost close to $400,000.

To demolish the tower would cost far less, at around $40,000.



St. Clair Shores Water Tower

22195 Masonic

St Clair Shores, MI 48082


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