From the organizers:

Space Dive. The best dive bar in the galaxy.

This is an immersive cantina experience.

Costumes are mandatory. Blasters recommended.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Space Dive Detroit

After losing contact for several cycles, a transmission is picked up from deep in the OUTER RIM. A scouting party is sent to investigate, and discovers the source of this mysterious signal: SPACE DIVE.

Once more, SCUM and VILLAINY from across the galaxy will gather at this legendary cantina to let loose, play a hand of Sabacc, and throw back a glass (or 4) of blue milk. Some seek fortune, some seek bounties, but ALL are welcome at this last bastion of SCOUNDRELS.

Step into a galaxy far, far away as the Tangent Gallery again becomes an immersive recreation of Tatooine’s Mos Eisley Cantina!

Space Dive Detroit

It is a lawless time.

Crime syndicates, corporations, and bandits compete for resources – spice, booze, hyperfuel, weapons, death sticks, harlotry and medicine.

The Empire is too incompetent to reign us in and too cruel to bother. Corruption runs rampant, from the Senate to Imperial High Command, local checkpoints and everywhere in between.

This is the underbelly, the spaceport hive where all the gangsters, thugs, trash, and scoundrels of the galaxy come to gamble, find work, and drink to oblivion when they can’t. Here you can bargain for whatever you desire, and business is booming.

Just watch your step, this place can be a little rough.

Space Dive Detroit

What:          Space Dive 

When:         May 4-6, 2023

Where:        Tangent Gallery (715 E. Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI)

Time:          Wednesday (7pm-2am), Friday (7pm-2am), Saturday (11am-4pm all ages; then 7pm-2am)

Cost:           $30.00 at the door (except the Saturday all-ages is $5.00 per adult, kids are free)

Info:           Costumes are mandatory

Age:           21 and up (except for Saturday 11am-4pm)




Space Dive Detroit
Space Dive Detroit
Space Dive Detroit

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