Skymint Shorts gummies THC marijuana beer

Skymint marijuana dispensary has joined forces with Short’s Brewing Company, both Michigan companies, for a series of beer-flavored THC gummies.

Skymint and its edible brand Jolly has come out with 3 flavors inspired by popular craft brew from Short’s: Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade and Starcut Cider Mosa.

The packages are sold for $30 each, and include 10 gummies that have 10mg of THC in each.

Skymint Shorts gummies THC marijuana beer

Green Peak Industries (GPI) owns the SkyMint stores.

Green Peak is owned by Lansing-area resident Jeff Radway and they are the biggest medical marijuana company in Michigan.

Green Peak harvests almost 30,000 pounds of marijuana annually from a custom-built $13 million dollar grow facility (10070 Harvest Park Dr, Windsor, MI) which is SW of Lansing.

Metro Detroit area locations of Skymint include the Hazel Park store at 20940 John R. or 958 South Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor.


Huma Lupa Licious ($30.00)


Soft Parade ($30.00)


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Skymint Shorts gummies THC marijuana beer

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