Sharkey’s Lounge Dayton

This is an ongoing story from 2017-2018. And native Daytonian, Rob Dyrdek (the host of Ridiculousness) would be proud.

Sharkey’s Lounge, a strip club in Dayton, Ohio bit off more than they could chew after losing its liquor license following an investigation that proved it allowed customers to use food stamps to buy lap dances and drugs.

During their 5-month investigation, Ohio undercover agents used over $2,400 in food stamps to buy lap dances, along with a variety of drugs including cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl.

Sharkey’s Lounge Dayton

The investigation started in May 2017. The club was officially closed by September 2018.

Criminal charges were filed against patrons and employees for drug trafficking, food stamp trafficking, distribution of heroin, aggravated shipment, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and illegal sexual activity.

Agents also filed 44 charges that were heard by the Liquor Control Commission, including drug sale, drug possession, engaging in sexual activity, solicitation, and food stamp trafficking.

It remains unclear how the strip club was able to pull off its food stamp hustle, or how they got a food-stamp machine.

The investigation continues.

Sharkey’s Lounge Dayton

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