Sex for Rent sleazy schemes

Back in 2016, Property Sex was porn’s fastest rising new genre. With the cost of living and rent increasing, owning property was the millennial dream.

Property porn allowed us an escape – to view houses we could never afford… while shagging busty real estate agents on the dining room table during the open-home viewing. It was the ultimate millennial fantasy.

And while some fantasies are best left as fantasies, that hasn’t stopped some landlords in from using the pandemic as a pick-up line.

Sex for Rent sleazy schemes

According to BuzzFeed News, some scumbag landlords in America have requested sex in lieu of cash from those who can’t afford to pay rent right now.

One woman, who lost her income due to the coronavirus pandemic, said she texted a potential landlord about inquiring about a more affordable property and he responded with a dick pic.

“We’ve received more cases at our office in the last 2 days than we have in the last 2 years,” one women’s advocate told BuzzFeed News.

Another recently unemployed woman asked her landlord if she could postpone rent payments until she could return to work. He replied by telling her she come over and spoon him instead.

Landlords sexually harassing tenants is not a new situation but now it’s majorly out of control and needs to stop.

Sex for Rent sleazy schemes

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