Seven Marine’s 627sv boat engine

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The world of boating has long the domain for those with gobs of disposable income to spare and pleasure boating has experienced a marked uptick in activity across the U.S. Whether on a lake, bay or out on the ocean, boats are prized for their performance and ability to get out to where the action is and get home in a hurry.

Outboard engines have particular flexibility with a range of styles and performance profiles suiting the riverine bass fisher or the offshore “Poker Run” aficionado. And this latest offering from Seven 7 Marine is the most powerful outboard motor ever made and released to the public.

The 627Sv is certainly not cheap at $100,000. And it certainly does not lack power with – as the name suggests – 627 hp on tap. Indeed, based on the famed GM LSA V8 engine it’s sure to please those with the will and wallet to match.

Let’s take a look at Seven 7 Marine’s 627Sv – the World’s Most Powerful Outboard Boat Engine.

World’s Most Powerful Outboard Courtesy Of Cadillac

Seven Marine’s 627sv boat engine

Weighing in at 467 pounds, the 627Sv is hardly svelte. But with 627 hp on tap, it does the work of two outboards so there is a weight savings in terms of overall power vs. performance. It of course depends on your needs and you’re certainly not going to see this thing hanging off the back of a 20 odd foot Boston Whaler. But if it’s appropriate for your particular ride, then it’s definitely worth a look.

Seven 7 Marine starts with an LSA 6.2L SC V-8 engine built by General Motors Global Propulsion Systems located in Mexico. Sound familiar? It should as this all-aluminum supercharged motor calls not only the engine bay of the CTS-V home but it also resides beneath the bonnet of the Camaro ZL1. How’s that for street cred!

This 627Sv is interesting in that Seven 7 Marine doesn’t actually produce any components for the completed unit. Literally every component necessary to create the 627Sv is outsourced from performance builders the world over.

Seven 7 Marine’s genius is parts selection, integration and assembly making what was once a ground pounding street engine and turning it into an offshore monster.

Top Components Throughout

Seven Marine’s 627sv boat engine

According to Boating magazine, the 627Sv “includes about 1,200 parts in addition to the engine and the ZF transmission. Some parts are easy. The engine’s serpentine belt is off the shelf from NAPA. Some are adapted. Seven uses locally machined and drilled Corvette motor mounts to mate to its bracket. Some are clever. The steering tube bushing is also used on the pivots of earthmover buckets. Some are more exotic. Seven contracts with Selva Marine in Tirano, Italy, an expert in high-volume sand-casting, to create its twin-pinion gear cases and the transfer-case casting that mates the engine to the transmission.”

Besides the GM 6.2 liter LSA motor, Seven 7 Marine also adds a computer-controlled disc-clutch courtesy of ZF Marine and a double-walled stainless-steel exhaust. The whole engine thus had to be turned horizontal with Latham Marine designing an internal power steering system fitted with Hering propellers.

What does all of it add up?

Seven Marine’s 627sv boat engine

The results are impressive and designed to give the best possible performance and efficiency given the general usage profiles of Seven’s customers.

The 627Sv generates over 600 lb.-ft. of torque from 3,000 rpm all the way to its optimal speed which is where most boaters live. And Seven has managed to do this while increasing horsepower throughout the entire rpm range.

Dividends are also reaped through the use of Seven’s “proprietary ECM calibration to optimize top speed and midrange fuel economy for best-in-class performance among Super Consoles. The rated speed of the 627 Sv is 5,500 rpm, 100 rpm higher than the 557, which will assist in propeller selection for this class of boat. Fuel requirements for the 627 remain at a minimum of 89* octane + 10% ethanol. Airflow has been increased to match the new demands of the 627 hp rating. Flowing over 1,000 cubic feet per minute of air, Seven’s patented air induction system separates raw water and salt spray from the air as it passes through the cowling system.”


Seven Marine’s 627sv boat engine



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