Send your name to Mars
  • NASA will send millions of names to Mars on its next mission in 2026 and anyone can sign up.
  • They previously ran the initiative for the Perseverance rover that carried over 10 million names.
  • The names are etched onto “fingernail-sized chips” and placed on a placard attached to the craft.
Send your name to Mars

NASA has launched an initiative for you to “send your name to Mars” aboard a spacecraft.

The Perseverance rover also carried the names of 10,932,295 people that were etched onto “fingernail-sized chips” on a placard through an electron beam.

The boarding pass specifies a travel date of July 2026.

As with the Perseverance rover, the spacecraft will be launched from Cape Canaveral at the Florida Air Force Station and will land at the Jezero crater on Mars.

Send your Name to Mars

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