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SeaBob: World’s Best Underwater Aqua-Scooter!

Wanna cruise the water in a jiff, boat-less and ready for anything? The SeaBob might be the answer to your long-time question of how can I get from here to there pretty GD fast?

German-made SeaBob

Invented in Stuttgart, Germany in 1968 by Bernd Bottger, the SeaBob is finally on the market. It goes 9mph via an electric 5hp motor and rechargeable Li-Ion accumulators.

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Heist the loot, then Aqua-scoot it away!

SeaBob also features:

– Air supplied via snorkel

– Impeller jet propulsion system

– LCD cockpit displaying: engine power, remaining operating time, water temp, depth gauge, etc.

COST: $8,200 to $10,500. Its not cheap. But this water toy looks like a knee-slapping jaw-jappin helluva good time!

SeaBobbin’ along

Buy SeaBobs here!

SeaBob price list

SeaBob video here!


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