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If a hockey player isn’t skating at their full potential, they’re not as good of a player as they could be. That’s where Scorched Ice hockey skate sensors are made to come in, as they assess the user’s skating performance.

The Canadian-created devices are currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. They were designed with input from professional hockey players such as Mark Messier, Cassie Campbell-Pascall and Mike Rogers.

There are two strap-on waterproof sensors in each kit, one for each skate. Inside each unit is a gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth antenna and rechargeable battery.

These electronics continuously monitor and record skate movements, toe pitch, edge roll and foot acceleration – for each foot – transmitting the raw data to an online server.

Scorched Ice Skate sensors

That server analyzes the information using machine-learning-based algorithms. Within one to three hours (depending on internet speed and server availability) the processed data gets delivered to an app on a paired smartphone. The info is broken down into five key metrics: Intensity, Stride Count, Stride Dynamics, Power, and Activity (the amount of time played within a given session).

Players and their coaches can then use this feedback to see what areas need improvement, and to track their progress over time. It’s also possible to consult with professional players, coaches and other users – or take part in challenges – via an online community accessed via the app.

Assuming the Scorched Ice sensors reach production, a pledge of CAD$200 (about US$150) will get you a set, along with a year of free data. The planned retail price is CAD$499.99 (US$375), one year of free data included. Depending on the package selected, subsequent fees will range from $7 to $20 per month.




Scorched Ice Skate sensors


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