British Chariot manned torpedo!

Catch a ride on an underwater missile! Guide a missile to your enemy by driving it right to him (“Hello, missile delivery”). Don’t mind the explosives housed in the nose-cone.

Manned Torpedos

During World War II, the Italians, Germans and Brits all used ‘manned torpedos’ but the British Chariots were the best. You could ride the missile for up to 4 hours at 4 knots.

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Frogmen attaching explosive charge

Two limey frogmen of the British Royal Navy would ride the 30ft long 5,000lb torpedo tipped with a 600lb detachable warhead and attach a timed explosive charge to the hull of an enemy ship and then zoom off to have tea & crumpets while a mushroom cloud ascended in the background.

How to Ride a Missile

British Chariots were most famous for their successful role in Operation Husky, the allied invasion of Sicily in 1943.

Two Limey Missile-Riders

Globally, less than 100 ‘manned torpedos’ were made.



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