British Chariot manned torpedo!

Catch a ride on an underwater missile! Guide a missile to your enemy by driving it right to him (“Hello, missile delivery”). Don’t mind the explosives housed in the nose-cone.

(c) Johne Makin; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Manned Torpedos

During World War II, the Italians, Germans and Brits all used ‘manned torpedos’ but the British Chariots were the best. You could ride the missile for up to 4 hours at 4 knots.

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Manned Torpedos
Frogmen attaching explosive charge

Two limey frogmen of the British Royal Navy would ride the 30ft long 5,000lb torpedo tipped with a 600lb detachable warhead and attach a timed explosive charge to the hull of an enemy ship and then zoom off to have tea & crumpets while a mushroom cloud ascended in the background.

How to Ride a Missile

British Chariots were most famous for their successful role in Operation Husky, the allied invasion of Sicily in 1943.

Two Limey Missile-Riders

Globally, less than 100 ‘manned torpedos’ were made.




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