The Return of the Living Dead (1985) is one of the coolest horror movies of the 1980’s, which is saying something because the 80’s produced a ton of great horror films.

Plot: when foreman Frank (James Karen) shows new employee Freddy (Thom Mathews) a secret military experiment in a supply warehouse, the two klutzes accidentally release a gas that reanimates corpses into flesh-eating zombies. As the epidemic spreads throughout Louisville, Ky., and the creatures satisfy their hunger in gory and outlandish ways, Frank and Freddy fight to survive with the help of their boss (Clu Gulager) and a mysterious mortician (Don Calfa).

This is a tremendously fun horror comedy. Don’t miss it on the big screen.

Return of the Living Dead (1985)

What:          The Return of the Living Dead (1985) film screening

When:         Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Where:        Wealthy Theatre (1130 Wealthy st SE, Grand Rapids, MI)

Time:          7:00 p.m. doors/ 8:00 p.m. film

Cost:           $8.00

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Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Return of the Living Dead (1985)

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