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Red Hot's Coney Island 12 Victor St Highland Park
Red Hot’s Coney Island 12 Victor St Highland Park

One of the Jobbie Crew’s favorite lunch stops is Red Hots Coney Island at 12 Victor Street in Highland Park.

From the first time we went there, Rich and Carol make you feel like family. Turns out as with most things there is a great story behind the restaurant.





Victor’s Red Hots opened it’s doors in 1921 making it the oldest coney dog place in Michigan by 8 years. Started by the current owners great Aunt and Uncle, it has been in the same family for over 94 years in the same location.


Rich and Carole Red Hot’s Coney Island

Located one block away from the Ford Model T plant during it’s heyday the Coney Island was open 24/7 to serve the hungry masses getting off and going to work on the line. “At one time the plant had 64,000 workers” said Richard Harlan who started on the counter back in 1967 and now owns the place with his wife Carol. “They would be lined up around the corner, they would come and pick up a bag with 2 coneys and drop the money in the box”


While times may have changed, the recipe for this sweet chili has stayed the same since 1921. Rich still chops up onions and makes the secret recipe from scratch every morning. “There is an order to the coneys in how they are made. Bun, hot dog, mustard, then the chili. Then onions on top. ” You are here for the chili not the mustard. The chili is the first thing you should taste”


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Small but cozy REd Hot’s Coney Island
Red Hot’s Coney Island

In truth, all the crew has ever ordered is the coneys, chili fries and sliders but looking at the menu they also have a full breakfast menu and additional dinner items and you can also wash them down with an ice cold beer!


Carol and Rich are also boaters as well with a 27 foot Powerquest they keep at Beacon’s Cove Marina with their son Rich. “Rich wanted to buy a motorcycle when he was younger. I didn’t want him riding, so I made him a deal and we bought a boat.” said Rich “That’s how we got into boating”


Make sure you guys come and visit this little part of history before you go to the Tigers, Lions or Red Wings or just hit them up for lunch like we do. You will not be disappointed and tell them the Crew sent you!


Red Hot’s Coney Island

12 Victor Street, Highland Park MI

M-F 7am – 4pm

Sat 7:30 – 3


Facebook Page


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