QOOL Box Cooler

Utilizing vacuum insulation—similar to a double-walled thermos—the QOOL Box cooler requires no power source or ice yet can keep contents cool, even frozen to -15ºC for up to 10 days.

A unique Phase Changing Material replaces ice as the source of cooling which emits a steady stream of cooling energy to keep perishables and cold drinks at exactly the temp you want them.

This product made in Würzburg , Bavaria, Germany.

QOOL Box Cooler
High-tech insulation: The QOOL Box achieves its outstanding thermal insulation performance through an insulation technology which is also used in the aerospace industry: vacuum insulation panels which are installed on all sides, in the lid and in the bottom.
Five different temperature ranges: The desired temperature inside the box can be set with the help of our Temperature Elements. These are cooling elements that are simply frozen in the freezer before use. The Temperature Elements contain so-called Phase Change Material. 


QOOL Box Cooler


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