Costco Wheels Up private jet membership

Well folks, it looks like you really can buy anything at Costco.

Costco has 800 locations worldwide (over 500 in the USA and even one in Iceland) and an annual revenue of $152 billion dollars.

The wholesale retailer is offering its members a 12-month subscription to private jet service Wheels Up.
Priced at a hefty $18,000/yr, the membership includes: a $3,500 Costco Shop Card, a $4,000 flight credit and access to exclusive events.


Costco Wheels Up private jet membership
Subscribers will also receive a one-year membership to Inspirato, which offers luxury vacation rentals, along with “guaranteed nationwide aircraft availability up to 365 days a year.” That means you can book a flight with as little as 24 hours notice.
But there’s a catch. The membership fee only includes the right to book the flights, but doesn’t include the costs of the flights themselves.
Members can either “pay as they fly” or buy an additional “Fund Program” — not sold through Wheels Up — that provides lower rates and lower billable fly times.


Costco Wheels Up private jet membership
Wheels Up, a private aviation company that aims to make private flying “more accessible,” manages a fleet of more than 300 planes and has access to more than 1,250 partner aircrafts.
There’s also a cheaper option.
Customers can purchase a year-long membership for $1,994.99, nearly 80% less than the full-priced subscription cost, but it doesn’t include the frills and thrills of a Costco shopping card, flight credit and luxury vacation membership.
Costco also offers pricey engagement ringscaskets and even a chicken coop duplex.
Costco caskets
Costco Wheels Up ($18,000/yr)
Wheels Up
220 West 42nd St, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Contact info: [email protected]


Costco Wheels Up private jet membership

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