Prima Cinema Box ($35,000)

Are you filthy rich and scouring the internet for your next pointless purchase? Well, here ya go!

Prima Cinema in Carlsbad, California, has released the world’s first private theatrical release service in the form of a small box spewing first-run movies into your home.

That’s right, you can watch movies before they come out in theaters right in the comfort of your very own home or yacht!

Prima Cinema Box ($35,000)

Hollywood studios send encrypted movies (40 gigabytes each) which are twice the sharpness of Blu-Ray to the die-cast aluminum PRIMA box in your house several days before their theatrical release date. 

Movies are stored in a RAID 5 array and the rack-mounted boxes use thumbprint scans for authentication.

The box is also outfitted with an accelerometer, so it will automatically stop working if you try to move it.

Prima Cinema Box ($35,000)

$35,000 for the box

$500 to rent each movie

$5,000 10-movie up front mandatory minimum rental 

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