Pizza Hut Launches ‘Detroit-Style Pizza’ Nationwide

Thanks to Detroit News for this:

Starting Wednesday, Pizza Hut’s square, deep-dish, Detroit-style pizza is back on the menu for a limited time.

The Kansas-based pizza chain reports that the demand for their Detroit style was twice as high in the Motor City area than the national average, and some stores around town sold three times as many.

When it launched the Detroit style in early 2021, Pizza Hut sold 1.88 million of the specialty pies. At the peak of the limited-time offer, the chain was selling more than 100 Detroit-style pizzas every minute, according to a media alert released Tuesday.

Pizza Hut Detroit Style

Detroit-Style was a hit from the moment it launched,” said Pizza Hut general manager David Graves. “Once it sold out, our customers have been asking for it back. This is actually the fastest we’ve brought back a pizza in over 10 years.”

This time around Pizza Hut’s Detroit style — which has a thick crust, cheese to the edge and sauce on top — will be available as a customizable pizza with up to five toppings.

Pizza Hut is also bringing back the Supremo (Italian sausage, red onion and green pepper), Meaty Deluxe (bacon, sausage and curly pepperoni) and Double Pepperoni with 32 slices of regular pepperoni and 48 slices of signature cupped pepperoni.

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