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MLive’s popular podcast, Michigan Crime Stories, is back for Season 3: Pinconning Paralyzer.

When you’re a town of just 1,300 people, tucked up against Thumb country on the sunrise side of Michigan, you don’t expect anyone to know where you are. Something really crazy has to happen to put you on the map.

And yet here we are and little Pinconning, Michigan is known for not one, but two things: cheese and the holy grail of marijuana in Michigan.

Michigan legendary cannabis strain: Pinconning Paralyzer

Our story begins on a boat in the middle of winter in 2020 during the thick of a global pandemic. Two longtime buddies, one a former GM union boss and both named Terry, are out ice fishing and talking about old times (as you do). A memorable 1979 rager comes up and that’s when Terry #2 says …

Wait. We’d say more, but seriously, we don’t want to ruin it for you. Please enjoy Episode 1 of Michigan Crime Stories: Pinconning Paralyzer here.

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To read the history of Pinconning Paralyzer and the quest to bring it back in the era of legal recreational marijuana, read this: Michigan’s most famous weed strain, Pinconning Paralyzer, eyes comeback after two-decade hibernation.


The episode is 24 minutes long.


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