PETA “Human Leather” campaign

Thanks to USA Today for this:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is making headlines once again with its latest jaw-dropping, gruesome, horrifying campaign.

The nonprofit organization, known for its controversial avenues to raise animal rights awareness, launched a fake, satirical clothing store called Urban Outraged — an apparent jab at Urban Outfitters.

PETA “Human Leather” campaign

The faux shop features a collection of clothes made from “human” leather, including bloodied jackets with human faces and boots with human teeth. Each item is also named after the “slaughtered” human whose skin was used.

PETA intentionally causes controversy with its campaigns. But do these scare tactics actually help the animals?

PETA’S Urban Outraged “Human Leather” online store

PETA “Human Leather” campaign

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