Nike Air Max Day Detroit

The original Nike Air Max 1 actually launched all the way back on March 26 1987, so, as you might have already guessed, Air Max Day happens on that day, every single year.

The Nike Air Max was designed by Tinker Hatfield.

Tinker came to Nike as an architect, and so it comes as no surprise that his pioneering Air Max 1 design was inspired by a particularly eye-catching building. The Centre Pompidou in Paris stands out like a gloriously sore thumb against traditional Parisian architecture, wearing its insides on its outside. It was the Centre Pompidou’s exposed external stairways and pillar-like air-conditioning units that prompted Tinker to carve a hole in the AM1’s midsole, and allow the world to peek through to the sneaker’s Air technology.

Tinker Hatfield created Nike Air Max 1 in 1987 (photo by Tinker)

What:          Nike Air Max Day Detroit

When:         Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Where:        Exodus Rooftop (529 Monroe st, Detroit, MI)

Time:          8:00 p.m. – Midnight

Cost:           $5.00

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