New Zealand’s Shotover Jet Boats

Created in 1965, the Shotover Jet Boats are able to take you zipping fast through the narrow Shotover River Canyons in Arthurs Point, Queenstown, New Zealand.

They have 7 boats, each can carry up to 14 people

55 mph max

twin 350 Mercruiser V8 engines

700 horsepower

New Zealand’s Shotover Jet Boats

Water is drawn in through two intakes at the bottom of the boat, two jet units containing internal propellers then compress and drive the water out through two jet nozzles at the rear, at nearly 400 litres of water per second per jet unit. It’s the force of this water that propels the jet boat.

Steering is achieved by turning the jet nozzles, which changes the direction of the water forced out the back of the jet boat. It can also brake and reverse using deflectors and thrust buckets, similar to a jet aircraft.

Shotover Jet Boats (New Zealand)

New Zealand’s Shotover Jet Boats

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