$10,000 fine per call on Robocallers!

America has been suffering an epidemic of pointlessly annoying spam robocalls.

Robocalls are made when a solicitor uses a computerized autodialer machine to call your phone.

They often call from spoofed (ie: fake) numbers, which appear legitimate. The call is a telemarketing scam designed to extract sensitive information and money from you.

$10,000 fine per call on Robocallers!

In a rare act of bipartisanship, a South Dakota Republican and a Massachusetts Democrat have joined forces and recently introduced a bill to Congress called The TRACED Act.

If this bill passes (and God willing, it shall) then the FCC could impose a steep $10,000 fine per call on Robocallers!

$10,000 fine per call on Robocallers!

Not-so-Fun Fact:

5 billion robocalls are made monthly! That’s around 2,000 calls per second!




$10,000 fine per call on Robocallers!

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