Naked ‘Human Tray’ at Lascivious Bushwick Dinner Parties Makes Up to $200 Per Party

Apparently, it pays to get naked and be a “human tray” for a sexy dinner party.

The Post has a profile of one of the women who bares all for the “immersive erotic dinner party”-plus-performance art series Lust that’s been popping up primarily in — where else? — Bushwick in the last year. Some 200 partygoers grab food from the people’s naked bodies, a job that pays $200 for the two-plus hour dinner. By comparison, the average catering server makes under $20 an hour.

The woman profiled, a 24-year-old fire dancer named Miranda Rovetto, notes that she would be a “human tray” full-time if more work were available: “All of my senses are heightened when I’m lying down in this vulnerable state,” she tells the Post. “The sensation when people grab food off my body is very satisfying and arousing.”

Rovetto also notes that she must shower within an hour of working and gets into a “meditative state” when transforming into a human food platter. She’s one of eight people working the main party each night, each body a tray for one course — plus a VIP table where all eight courses are served as well.

The dinner parties themselves are run by a performance artist/party promoter named Abby Hertz, who charges guests $125 to $175 to attend the dinners. She started them as a way to have “a night of intense intimacy without fucking,” and since then, the dinner series has caught the attention of everyone from BK Mag to the Times. BK Mag notes that although Hertz insists that no actual sex acts happen, “this was 100 percent a sex party.”

In a statement, Hertz says that’s wrong. “There is no sex allowed at the party whatsoever or any below the belt play,” and she stations monitors that enforce the rules throughout, she writes.

It’s inspired by nyotaimori, a niche Japanese sex industry practice where people eat sushi off of naked women. The restaurant style had a moment in 2008 and at one point even spread to Oklahoma. Models for those restaurants reportedly make at least $150 an hour, but it’s not exactly a widespread form of service.

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